Getting Started with the Fasting Diet

Getting Started with the Fasting Diet

It’s easy to get started with the fasting diet. Besides the health benefits, you will not need to buy anything, but instead, you will save money in terms of reduced food costs. The only requirement is that you decide yourself that you are ready for a change!

5 2 diet and how it works:

  • 2 fasting days (eg Mon and Thurs) you eat as a woman, on average, 500 calories and for men 600 kcal *
  • 5 days a week you eat a normal diet for a woman on average 2000 kcal and 2500 kcal for men*

* See this post about figuring out exactly how to calculate the right amount of calories you should eat per day. There you will also find our intermittent fasting calculator

To get you started I have here gathered my top 7 advices and created a getting started with the Fasting diet guide:

1. Measure Yourself – Set Goals

Decide first what your goals are with the fast:
Is it to lose weight or is it just to improve your health ?
By having a goal to work towards, it becomes much easier to continue fasting when it feels a bit sluggish. Before you start the fast, it is good if you measure your weight, waist, neck and happy too fat percentage. Then repeat measurements every other week to see your progress, if you do this I guarantee you that you will get the energy to continue fasting when you see the amazing results you get with the fasting diet!
2. Choose Your Fasting Days

– What days feels best to fast?
If you would like to be to eat normally on the weekend a good tip is to add the fasting days on Mondays and Thursdays, if you do that there is a good gap between the days. But the key is to adapt the days following your schedule so that fasting does not take over too much of your everyday life.

3. Learning Calorie Calculate your 5:2 recipes! – Fix a kitchen scale if you do not already own one

– Usually the hardest part of following the fasting diet is to figure out the calories. Below is my guide on how to calculate how much calories you need to eat on the fasting day. You’ll also find my guide on how to calculate the calories in a 5:2 Diet Recipe and my calorie table with pre calculated number of calories to facilitate the counting:
How do you calculate how many calories you should eat at your 5:2 diet fast day + intermittent fasting calculator
Learn to count calories of your 5.2 Diet Recipes
Calorie Table
– A kitchen scale is recommended to help calculate how much calories you consume. 

4. Decide how you will eat your 500-600 calories. – Eat breakfast if you usually do!

– You are free to add up on how to eat the number of calories per day. The easiest way is to eat breakfast and skip lunch and eat a little bigger midday meal. But if you’re no breakfast person, you can just have a cup of tea in the morning and instead eat both lunch and dinner.

5. Eat plenty of Proteins – They will saturate!

– Proteins saturates and is good to eat plenty on the fasting day. Eggs , legumes, and fish will keep the hunger away. 

6. Eat lots of vegetables ! – Cut down on the carbohydrates

– Vegetables contain very few calories while having a high fiber content and is therefore good include in your fasting meal plan. Skip the carbs on the days because they are high in calories and will only get you more hungry.

7 If you get hungry – Think of the results!

– But remember that by fasting you come closer to your goals that you set out in the beginning of the guide, so try to see it from the positive side.
Did my 7 tips still leave something unclear with the fasting diet?
At the you will find most of the answers about the diet so dare to search around. I have otherwise collected the most common answers on the below pages for you below:
Frequently Asked Questions about 5:2 diet.

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