Learn more about the 5 2 fasting diet! Get a healthy, long and happy life

The 5 2 fasting diet is the only diet that will help you both lose weight quickly, allow you to keep it and simultaneously extend your life! The diet is scientifically proven and based on the findings since man’s creation. On this page I will explain how the 5 2 fasting diet works and give you some tips on how to get started with it.

5 2 fasting diet and how it works:

  • 2 fasting days (eg Mon and Thurs) you eat as a woman, on average, 500 calories and for men 600 kcal *
  • 5 days a week you eat a normal diet for a woman on average 2000 kcal and 2500 kcal for men*

Benefits of the 5 2 fasting diet:

  • The 5 2 fasting diet is easy to follow and provides results immediately
  • Remarkable health effects – severe weight loss , reduced cholesterol levels and lower fat percentage
  • Live longer and minimize cancer risk


There are is also the form of intermittent fasting called the 16/8. Simply explained  you fast 16 hours and eat as usual for 8 hour window. The easiest way will be if you start fasting at 20.00 on day 1 with a dinner and use the night to fast. Day 2 you eat lunch again at 12.00 then you have fasted for 16 hours. After lunch you eat snacks and dinner again at 20.00. This fasting method is suitable for those who have difficulty eating breakfast. You have to customize it according to how your habits look like. Then maybe 16/8 fits better than the 5 2 diet for you. The key to 16/8 is to eat as normal within a 8 hours window and not cheat and eat a snack at 21.00 on Day 2. In this form of intermittent fasting you do not need to count calories.
Why should you use the 5 2 fasting diet? 
Have you tried all the diets you can think of ? Have you starved , hungered without lasting results? The 5 2 diet promises you something entirely new – weight loss and a lifestyle change will finally feel easy and quick.
You do not need to play a psychological game against yourself. For the days when you eat very little food and feel hungry (because you most certainly will), you can only think that you already tomorrow will get to eat what you want. Additionally, the fast will give you unimaginable health benefits.

Get started with the 5 2 fasting diet:

It’s easy to get started, follow these steps:

The 5 2 diet changed my life

My name is Lisa Andersson and I am the founder of the 5-2dietenrecept.se . Want to begin by thanking you the you found your way here, and now I’ll tell you a little about me. I am not a doctor , I’m no nutritionist, I am not even a student of nutritional science. But I’m a target seeker, I am looking for the best diet, the best training , the best books. I am looking for facts and for faith.
I am looking because I want to find the answer and let you know so you can focus on living an amazing life. And when I really found something that I looked for a very long time I stay and share it. Thats what happened when I found the 5 2 fasting diet.
I have over the past six months thanks to the 5 2 diet:

  • Lost 8 kg of weight
  • Received lots of new energy and joy to my life
  • Reduced fat percentage and increasing lean muscle mass
  • Saved money and the environment
  • Created a healthier relationship with food

In autumn 2012, the documentary  “Eat , fast and live longer” launched by Dr. Michael Mosley. I saw it and I sat and chewed with moderate enthusiasm on my meager low carbs salad for the third time in a week. The 5 2 diet sounded just too good to be true. But the facts after facts were rolled up and I was hooked. This is it! The 5 2 diet has become my lifestyle, I can eat what I like the most of the week and at the same time lose weight and feel better and better day by day . Today I fast only one day a week ( the so-called 6:1) because I no longer want to lose weight but still get the amazing health benefits that fasting provides.
This site is a gathering place for people flowing the 5 2 diet and for those who want to follow it!
Here you can find calorie estimated recipes, menus, FAQs about the 5 2 diet, information about the diet and plenty of other tips.
Get inspired and good luck with your 5 2 diet journey!
* See this post about figuring out exactly how to calculate the right amount of calories you should eat per day + included a intermittent fasting calculator

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